The Everyday Mother Book

The Everyday Mother is a beautifully printed, wire spiral bound book designed to make daily life with a newborn a lot more simple. The book allows you to track all of the baby essentials - feedings (breast, bottle, pumping, or all three), diaper changes, sleep patterns, and even reminders for mom (don't forget to take care of yourself, mom!). The book has hard, foil-pressed covers with gold corner protectors making it durable enough to be tossed in a diaper bag regularly. It's designed to be petite so it doesn't take up precious diaper bag space. Other interior pages include an emergency contact page and Jackie's favorite lactation cookie recipe.

  • Measures 8"x5" and appx .75" thick
  • 180 template pages (covering the first six months of life)
  • Includes an ivory ribbon page holder
  • Daily baby tracking made simple

The creator of The Everyday Mother, Jackie Mangiolino, shares the story behind her amazing book here:

On May 26, 2016 Jackie Mangiolino and her husband welcomed their beautiful baby boy, Richard Peter. He weighed 2lbs 2oz, was 14 weeks early, and his birth literally saved Jackie's life. Jackie developed HELLP Syndrome, an extremely rare, potentially fatal pregnancy complication that can only be cured by delivery. The Mangiolino family spent 99 days in the NICU. it was there that The Everyday Mother was born.