Leather Bunch Bracelets

These bunch bracelets are made from full-grain vegetable tanned leather cut into thin strips, hand dyed using vinegar black, an 18th century harness-makers’ dye made from iron and vinegar. The front of the bracelet features 7 strips, while the back closes with a simple slip knot.

  • Bracelets may be adjusted to fit wrists between 6" and 8" and can be worn snugly-tight or slacked-off.
  • Each bracelet is individually hand cut, hand dyed, and hand finished.
  • One of a kind, similar to, but distinguishable from the bracelet photos featured up above.
  • Made from vegetable tanned leather, food-grade mordants and finishes, and naturally sourced dyes.
  • Handmade by Canadian leatherworkers Fehu Leather