Thirteen & Market's parent company, Sol Chicks Design, LLC was founded in the Spring of 2002. A young entreprenuer, owner Nikki Riojas started the company at 22 as an online boutique filled with artist work from around the country. Sol Chicks found a niche providing products for celebrity gift bags, in addition to a large following in retail and corporate environments. The company has been featured in USA Today, the CBS Morning Show, on Radio Disney, the Radio Music Awards and countless other local and national magazines, TV, radio shows, and high profile events. 

After taking some time off to focus on her family,  Nikki decided to relaunch the company under a new name, Thirteen & Market in January, 2016The shop is now featuring modern farmhouse-inspired home decor, has a design and decorating branch, and a gives special focus to up and coming artists from around the globe. 

Follow Nikki's personal blog to read more about her home renovation and design projects at www.RiojasHouse.com.

Our Mission
We believe that artistic expression can be shown in many ways. We challenge ourselves, and those around us, to discover new and innovative ways to showcase this passion, and provide functional, everyday art with a distinctively unique flair.

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